Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary - News

FHPA Captain Wayne Hunter, of the FHPA, was invited to the Governor's Mansion, by FHP Colonel Gene Spaulding, to give the invocation for a dinner hosted by Governor Rick Scott.

This was a great honor for Captain Hunter, who performs many functions for the F.H.P. and F.H.P.A. in his duties as a chaplain in his local church.

Captain Hunter has been called upon numerous times over the past years to provide comfort to the families of Troopers who lost their lives serving the State of Florida.

Community Service Become a FHPA Trooper Live Crash Report
  • Serve as back up for other Troopers.
  • Patrol the State's Roadways.
  • Work security details at special events.
  •  Train to be a volunteer LE Officer
  • 364 hours of certified instruction
  • All tuition costs covered by the FHPA
  • Plan ahead for your road trip
  • Check for road closures /accidents
  • Real-time updates