Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary - Selection Process

Auxiliary State Troopers are trained law enforcement officers who represent the State of Florida and the Florida Highway Patrol.  As such, these members, are carefully selected and are held to the highest standards.  Therefore, an applicant can expect to undergo the following steps/stages within the selection process:

  1. Meet all requirements as established by the FHPA:
    1. View Policy Requirements
    2. View Weight Requirements
    3. View Tattoos & Body Modification Policy
  2. Contact the local FHPA Recruiter.
  3. Review the height/weight matrix and complete the Applicant questionnaire. (These items will be emailed to you.)
  4. Attend an FHPA Troop meeting at the recruiter's direction, meet with a recruiter, discuss topics covering the selection process / applicant's responsibilities.
  5. Successfully complete the Basic Abilities Test (BAT) at a testing center. Must complete before application access is granted.
    1. View Study Guide For Basic Abilities Test.
  6. Complete the online application at the direction of the recruiter.
  7. Submit your application to the FHPA recruiter with all required supporting documents.
  8. Application reviewed by an FHPA Supervisor then transmitted to Tallahassee.
  9. Successfully complete the physical abilities test (PAT).  Learn more about the PAT test.
  10. Must pass the PAT test. Failure disqualifies the applicant. 1 year wait before reapplying.
  11. Must pass a Polygraph examination. Failure disqualifies the applicant. 1 year wait before reapplying.
  12. Pass a Psychological examination.
  13. Pass a medical, an eye examination and provide fingerprints via "Live Scan."
  14. Undergo a Background investigation. Failure will result in disqualification.
  15. Passing steps 1-14 allows the applicant to begin 364 TRAINING HOURS administered by the FHP Academy.
  16. Once the academy training is completed, the applicant must pass a State Certification Exam.
  17. After successfully completing all areas, the applicant is recommended for appointment as an Auxiliary Trooper.