Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary - Memory Test

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Police Officer?

Law Enforcement Officers are expected to gather details quickly and as accurately as possible while under stress, in limited lighting or at a glance.  They're expected to gather these details and act upon them while remaining calm and composed.  This challenge will test your ability to gather details quickly and accurately.  You will be asked to review two Wanted persons posters and their bulletins.  Your observation period will be limited to three (3) minutes after which the Bulletins will be removed.  You will be asked to answer a series of questions about the bulletins after being separated from the information for one (1) minute.




Community Service Become a FHPA Trooper Live Crash Report
  • Serve as back up for other Troopers.
  • Patrol the State's Roadways.
  • Work security details at special events.
  •  Train to be a volunteer LE Officer
  • 364 hours of certified instruction
  • All tuition costs covered by the FHPA
  • Plan ahead for your road trip
  • Check for road closures /accidents
  • Real-time updates