Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary - About


The Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary (FHPA) is composed of a diverse group of community oriented men and women who donate their time and efforts to make the difficult task of law enforcement safer and more effective for the troopers and citizens traveling our highways.  Members of the FHPA are volunteers and the Organization is a separate, nonprofit entity of the Florida Highway Patrol.  Auxiliary Troopers undergo a rigorous selection process and training similar to a full time State Trooper.  The Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary is authorized by the Florida Legislature.
Since 1957, Auxiliary Troopers have assisted the Florida Highway Patrol in the performance of its daily duties to include:

    * Patrolling the streets and highways of the State.
    * Providing timely assistance to disabled motorists.
    * Participating in vehicle equipment and license checkpoints.
    * Participating in specialized details.
    * Responding to natural disasters and other emergency situations.